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about psimetrix
in the beginning

Psimetrix is a family-owned consulting business, based in Broomfield, Colorado. The founders, Larry and Sheila Hatfield, together have over 30 years experience in integrating technology in a corporate and personal environment, so you can rest assured that the most appropriate technology solutions will be applied to your unique situation.

Technology can make it easier! When and if you have the right resources working in synergy with your business goals and resources. Psimetrix Managed Technology Services puts the intelligence back into technology, letting you focus on business results.

specs on the founders
origins and ancestors

Larry Hatfield

... specializes in IT operations and support: from hardware repairs, corporate application servers, relocation and deployment planning, to business intelligence. With 15 years experience in personal and corporate technology, he has implemented projects deploying over a million dollars worth of equipment, saving over 400K by negotiating with equipment suppliers, and completing the project on schedule and with zero downtime for 200 end users.

Sheila Hatfield

... specializes in software solutions, with over 15 years of software engineering experience in managing the full lifecycle of software projects for for the marketing, communications, retail, business intelligence, and IT industries. She is invaluable at business application development and planning, integration, and business process management. Sheila also now serves as our financial administrator and office manager, coordinating services, and completing the customer service lifecyle through billing.

business class
woman owned small business

Psimetrix is a privately owned corporation in the state of Colorado, currently employing about 5 people. We are a woman owned and minority owned business, in the process of becomming acredited by the 8a Small Business program and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program.

our name
greek roots

Psimetrix is a combination of two principles that need balanced in our modern business world. We would like computers and applications to be developed as an extension of how a human thinks, instead of requiring a human think like a machine.

The Greek Psi

The Greek letter psi, has a root meaning of psychic, intuitive, creative. The user-friendly side of technology.



Metrix is a play on the words “metrics” and “matrix”. The logical, measur- able world.


Psimetrix (pronouced as “sigh metrics&rdquo) represents the harmonious balance and merger of the inuitive creative and the logical measurable aspects of technology, creating technological zen.


Zen is a state of empowerment, as creative (yin) and logical (yang) circle, eternally creating opportunities and growth.


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"we take the SH out of IT!" ™

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